Increased Productivity Through Streamlined TEM Business Processes

Posted by John Venditti on Jul 5, 2010 9:10:00 AM

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TEM Lifecycle management

The last few years of corporate cost cutting has shaved telecom staffs to the bone. As a result, companies must focus on better utilization of their staff resources, focusing personnel on areas of core competency and on performing higher value tasks. This has led to two trends.

One is the continued growth of outsourcing. Outsourcing enables a company to develop skills in their areas of core competency and to off-load other tasks to firms that are better equipped and who can achieve economies of scale.

The second trend is implementing business processes or lifecycles that eliminate redundant manual activities and allow companies to assign their staff to more analytical functions where the cost to the company remains the same but the value of the person to the company increases.

For example, one large financial services company recently outsourced their entire telecom invoice processing function to MTS.This included receiving vendor invoices (both electronic and paper), processing them through Telecom Expense Management or TEM software applications, managing disputes and mobility management, wireless optimization, telecom allocation and chargeback, and generating files for their HR, Help Desk, A/P, G/L and other internal systems.

The customer’s staff members who handled these telecom tasks were the same ones who were previously performing most of the data entry work. The result has been more than a 12 percent reduction in direct telecom costs and additional savings through better utilization of telecom staff by improving thier telecommunications lifecycle management processes.

Learn how MTS's TEM managed services and telecom consulting services can help you save money through process optimization and outsourcing non-core telecom functions.

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