Establishing a TEM Business Process

Posted by John Venditti on Aug 16, 2010 2:05:00 PM

In TEM, invoice management, business analysis, invoice audit

A Telecom expense management (TEM) business process lets controllers, business unit executives, and IT/Telecom managers institute procedures and guidelines that ensure: 

  • Goods and services are purchased only if required
  • Vendors deliver what was ordered
  • Vendor invoices reflect the terms, conditions and prices agreed upon
  • Individuals or business units utilizing goods or services are accountable (charged) for them

Additionally, with TEM technology, specific information is maintained in a way that enables managers and analysts to identify trends, adjust for change, and/or identify alternative, lower cost services for future purchases. These measures minimize enterprise costs while ensuring that required service levels are maintained.

Through 20 years of helping customers manage their voice and data expenses, MTS has developed a proven approach to achieving IT/telecom cost reductions through TEM. The following system was created to help companies identify the four primary TEM savings opportunities: 

  • Correct Telecom Expenditures through Invoice Auditing
  • Accountability through Chargeback
  • Better Decision Making through Accurate and Accessible Telecom Intelligence
  • Increased Productivity for IT/Telecom staff through Streamlined Business Processes

Additional cost savings can be realized by integrating a TEM solution with existing enterprise G/L, HR, and help desk applications to further leverage existing investments. Each of these categories offers its own savings contribution to the enterprise. When combined, they have helped many enterprises achieve 20+ percent savings in their telecom spend.

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