How to Reduce Toll Fraud in University and Higher Education Settings

A recent article in NetworkWorld ("Toll fraud is alive and well" )highlighted the Toll fraud issues faced by enterprises and ways companies can reduce thier exposure. Its important to remember that Toll fraud poses problems not only in the corporate world but in university settings as well.

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Toll Fraud Risks Reach Beyond the Enterprise

Government Agencies and Non-Profits also Suffer Toll Fraud Losses. According to the State of Florida Enterprise Information Technology Services website “Many thousands of dollars worth of illegal long distance calls have been identified as having been made by telephone hackers” of state government phone systems.

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TEM Call Accounting, it’s not just for law firms anymore

TEM call accounting finds niche uses in various industries. The data collected from TEM call accounting modules no longer has to be reserved for tracking a lawyer’s billable hours. Telecom Expense Management call accounting software has come into its own as a rich source of data that can be an excellent predictor of seasonal business trends, and marketing research.

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TEM Automates Processes for Wired and Wireless Networks

According to Pat Hurley’s Telephony Online article “Managing the Mobile Enterprise Effect,” the benefits of telecom expense management (TEM) are many; especially today when mobile technology exposes companies to new security threats. Pat Hurley’s article states: “A recent survey by Pointsec Mobile Technologies found that 85,000 cell phones were left in Chicago taxis in a six-month period. Losing a plain old cell phone is one thing, but losing a smartphone synchronized with corporate e-mail and data is quite another.” Sophisticated telecom expense management software solutions can help automate processes and provide security for wired and wireless networks.

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Telecom Expense Management Software Aids Enterprise Cost Analysis

TEM software and solutions provide enterrpises with a centralized Call Detail Records ( CDR ) database that can help companies analyze and dramatically reduce telecom costs.
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