Do You Have a Call Accounting Solution for Microsoft Lync?

Do you have a Call Accounting solution for Microsoft Lync? As a TEM/EMM and Call Accounting solution provider, we get several of these inquiries every week. Companies that have or are planning to deploy microsoft Lync as part of their overall unified communications strategy are looking for a call accounting solution that can handle Lync. Its not just the SMB market either; we're seeing large enterprises adopting Microsoft Lync. Even our partners are seeing a large increase in Microsoft Lync deployments among their customer base and from what we can tell it shows no signs of slowing.

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Why Call Accounting software and CDR capture is important

Professional Industries benefit from Call Accounting Software

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Accountability through TEM and WEM Allocation and Chargeback

telecommunications lifecycle managementAccording to many TEM and WEM experts, organizations implementing complete IT/telecom chargeback systems to their users experience 30 percent lower cost than do organizations where the cost of service is perceived as free. Today, most organizations find themselves somewhere along this spectrum — they do not provide all of their users complete utilization-based chargeback, nor do their users perceive the services they receive as totally free.

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Cable Management Often Overlooked in Telecom Expense Management

Much like managing the costs associated with phone bills, contracts, and services, managing your equipment, trunk lines, and cabling can be an integral part of a business’ overall telecom expense management.

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TEM Call Accounting, it’s not just for law firms anymore

TEM call accounting finds niche uses in various industries. The data collected from TEM call accounting modules no longer has to be reserved for tracking a lawyer’s billable hours. Telecom Expense Management call accounting software has come into its own as a rich source of data that can be an excellent predictor of seasonal business trends, and marketing research.

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