Cable Management Often Overlooked in Telecom Expense Management

Posted by John Venditti on May 17, 2010 2:33:00 PM

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Much like managing the costs associated with phone bills, contracts, and services, managing your equipment, trunk lines, and cabling can be an integral part of a business’ overall telecom expense management.

Many Fortune 500 businesses simplify the day to day task of maintaining and managing the details for any network by using a cable management software system that can document circuits and physical connectivity for all cable connections between voice and data equipment.

“The right system should offer more than just information about networks and communications systems, it can be an excellent tool to manage and control other items of equipment or fixtures that are not directly related to circuit connectivity,” says Karen Ritz, Senior Sales Executive for MTS.”

A comprehensive cable management software system that documents and manages the circuits and physical connectivity for a wide range of network topologies including ATM, Ethernet, twisted pair, structured cabling, Token Ring, fiber, Voice, and FDDI in single or multi-building facility can provide many benefits such as:

  • Maintain permanent records of physical location and connections for every circuit
  • Record the equipment, cables, and pathways for the cable plant
  • Define the connectivity and circuit routes
  • Identify space capacity while planning major moves and changes
  • Service Request and Trouble Ticket management
  • Store information for multiple buildings or campuses and show views by floor, closet and zone
  • Disaster Recovery Records

While telecom expense management solutions handles the invoice management, contract management, and asset management end of a business’ telecom expense management, cable management software rounds out the telecom expense strategy.

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