Toll Fraud Risks Reach Beyond the Enterprise

Posted by MTS Blog Team on Jan 12, 2010 2:09:00 PM

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Government Agencies and Non-Profits also Suffer Toll Fraud Losses. According to the State of Florida Enterprise Information Technology Services website “Many thousands of dollars worth of illegal long distance calls have been identified as having been made by telephone hackers” of state government phone systems.

Telecom expense management software offers toll fraud security protection so organizations can take a proactive approach to heading off hackers. Losses due to toll fraud can be hard to recover, since responsibility for toll fraud detection doesn’t fall to carriers. The State of Texas Department of Information Resources website states in its toll fraud policy that “TEX-AN network carriers are under no obligation, as a matter of regulation, to waive the payment of a bill that is the result of toll fraud on an agency's system, or to prevent and /or detect toll fraud when it is initiated from an agency owned or managed system."

Government agencies and non-profits should observe how many enterprises are approaching toll fraud. Corporations increasingly are deploying call accounting software that provides toll fraud alerts and security safeguards. These TEM systems provide wired, wireless, and VoIP call accounting features, real-time call detail records tracking, customizable reports, telecom and PBX billing features, and more.

As today’s hackers use more sophisticated methods to crack phone networks, organizations can take a proactive stance by deploying TEM solutions.

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