How to Reduce Toll Fraud in University and Higher Education Settings

Posted by MTS Blog Team on Feb 8, 2010 3:32:00 PM

In call accounting software, telecom expense management, Business Intelligence

A recent article in NetworkWorld ("Toll fraud is alive and well" )highlighted the Toll fraud issues faced by enterprises and ways companies can reduce thier exposure. Its important to remember that Toll fraud poses problems not only in the corporate world but in university settings as well.

A recent university Information Technology service bulletin warned departments that it was vital to move quickly when toll fraud is identified, as it can cost the university thousands of dollars per month, and those individual departments may be held liable for charges.

Today’s sophisticated telecom expense management software solutions can help identify toll fraud so administrators can act quickly to take control of their phone network security. Universities and government agencies can learn from corporations who have deployed TEM and call accounting software to combat toll fraud.

Universities, like corporations, want the ability to track calls to the departments where they originated. Telecom expense management software provide customized reporting options that can be accessed via the Web from anywhere. Reports can be saved, stored, and shared easily so users can analyze data and take action quickly.

Toll fraud is a serious problem at the university level and university employees who misuse phone systems for personal use need to understand that their actions constitute theft. By deploying a full featured telecom expense management solution universities can reliably and cost-effectively track telephone usage, in addition to all the other types of telecom costs savings capabilities provided from a TEM solution.

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