Telecom Expense Management Software Aids Enterprise Cost Analysis

Posted by MTS Blog Team on Sep 8, 2009 3:47:00 PM

In call accounting software, telecom expense management, call detail records

TEM software and solutions provide enterrpises with a centralized Call Detail Records ( CDR ) database that can help companies analyze and dramatically reduce telecom costs.

Paper telecom billing is notoriously fraught with errors and enterprises are looking for ways to recover costs due to carrier billing errors.  Tim McElligott’s Telephony Online article Aberdeen Report Tackles Expense Control states that: “64% of bills are still being delivered on paper.”  Today’s advanced call accounting software automates billing providing better cost analysis capabilities.

Full featured telecom expense management systems allow companies to track telecom costs from multiple sources through the entire network.  Costs are then allocated to the appropriate departments.  Today’s call accounting software solutions place call detail records in a central database, and support formats from virtually any carrier or vendor.  Accurate histories are maintained through the call accounting system; tracking stations, authorization codes, and account codes, as they change hands over time.

In addition to providing time and money savings, telecom expense management software provides security safeguards, including toll fraud protection.  Call accounting software identifies suspicious call activity and provides real-time call detail records that administrators can quickly access to trace all calls to their source.  Recent estimates state that 85% of corporate espionage is attributable to employees.  Companies can save money and track all call activity by deploying a centralized, enterprise wide call accounting system.

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