TEM Automates Processes for Wired and Wireless Networks

Posted by MTS Blog Team on Oct 1, 2009 3:46:00 PM

In call accounting software, telecom expense management, wireless, WEM

According to Pat Hurley’s Telephony Online article “Managing the Mobile Enterprise Effect,” the benefits of telecom expense management (TEM) are many; especially today when mobile technology exposes companies to new security threats. Pat Hurley’s article states: “A recent survey by Pointsec Mobile Technologies found that 85,000 cell phones were left in Chicago taxis in a six-month period. Losing a plain old cell phone is one thing, but losing a smartphone synchronized with corporate e-mail and data is quite another.” Sophisticated telecom expense management software solutions can help automate processes and provide security for wired and wireless networks.

Mobile Device Management software tracks calls from their source in real-time, immediately providing call detail records for administrators to analyze and act on. By deploying telecom expense management software companies can proactively identify carrier billing errors which can more than save the cost of  installing the software. TEM software automates carrier bill reconciliation saving auditors the tedious and error prone chore of manual carrier bill reconciliation.

Its estimated that more than 50% of enterprises don’t know what they are spending on telecom related services. Today’s advanced telecom billing and expense management solutions import paging, calling card, Centrex, and cellular information and charges from any carrier portal, EDI feed, CD or file. By automating all telecom related charges through consolidated billing back to the departments or cost centers, telecom expense management software can take the headaches out of managing wired and mobile enterprise networks.

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