Transform Call Analysis into Actionable Insights

Posted by MTS Blog Team on Jul 5, 2018 2:36:19 AM

Companies with call centers across the globe are on a daily struggle to stay technologically relevant and competitive. 2017 & 2018 revealed a lot of changes in the Call Center landscape and one area of technology has emerged as a reliable tool in increasing the effectiveness of the data captured. Call Analysis is a pinnacle component for strategic thinking and uncovering ways for call centers to report on various call factorials, deliver call analytics, and aid in call auditing to monitor employee performance & productivity.


Call Analysis also supports enhanced customer interactions by tracking metrics like Response Time & Answer Rate, on-hold wait periods, dropped calls, and various other factors that can deter from a customer’s satisfaction rating, which in turn contributes to customer loyalty and repeat business. These components drive long term success and provides KPI analytics to Call Center management and the ability to differentiate themselves on a more robust level instead of just relying on traditional price and product quality differentials.


Call Analysis also provides data that can lead to actionable insights. If reporting reveals that inbound calls are being dropped due to insufficient number of attendants that can handle the volume, more attendants or rerouting to a backup call center can be added. If Response Time & Answer Rate minimums are not met based on preset employee goals, management can choose to retrain staff or develop in-house incentives to regain productivity metrics.  


Call Analysis bridges the gap between data analytics and actionable insights, allowing management teams the edge needed to remain technologically relevant and competitive while managing the complex landscape of staff, customers, processes and technology in this global economy.



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