Understanding Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Posted by John Venditti on Jan 14, 2012 5:12:00 PM

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MTS Mobile Device ManagementWireless devices and services are the fastest growing part of a company’s telecom expenses. Smartphones, iPhones, Android phones, and wireless tablets and laptops are now commonplace in the enterprise. As a result, your employees are mobile and on the go more than ever before and they are taking their devices (and corporate data) with them.

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This opens up corporate data to greater risk of device loss or theft, as well as, complicating the enforcement of corporate wireless policies — and in some cases emerging state laws — such as no texting or calling while driving. Mobile Device Management (MDM) offers enterprises a simple and powerful solution to this problem.

Mobile device security begins with the operating system, and each OS has a unique method of keeping its data protected against such risks as data loss due to crashing, denial-of-service attacks, brute force hacks and keystroke loggers. The first step for IT professionals responsible for wireless devices is to define policies for security, data sharing, individual need for access and a budget for telecommunication costs. Once these have been defined, it is then time to implement and enforce those policies with a mobile device management solution.

The MDM solution should support the latest and most functional encryption policies, as well as options for remote lock and wipe, password reinforcement, lost phone recovery, app inventories and blacklists, and other components that ensure your company data is secure while also providing the access required for authorized users to remain connected to corporate data.

A key benefit of mobile device management is its ability to facilitate the centralization of IT management for all wireless devices. It gives enterprise IT and security administrators for mobile device security the ability to easily define and enforce security policies and protocols for smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices that align with existing IT security approaches and allow for secure access that is user-friendly to all enterprise resources and corporate data.

MDM also provides a centralized, and in most cases, automated tool to manage the remote locking or wiping functions in the instance of lost or stolen devices. In addition, a good solution should help enterprises reduce the cost of wireless devices and provide flexibility for employees by fully supporting the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs that many enterprises are starting to support, including the ability to segment and wipe corporate data while leaving an employee’s personal data intact.

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