Making Meetings Better with Skype for Business & Consumption Billing

Posted by Roei Soudai on Nov 14, 2017 5:03:54 PM

Even if you hate them, and many of us secretly do, meetings are a necessity and at the core of running a successful company. The good news is that the meeting experience as we know it is improving, services like Skype for Business are streamlining the process into one platform for everything - calling, conferencing, video chats and sharing. Now meeting participants can "check-in" from almost anywhere in the world from multiple device-types, share documents & presentations with ease, and access security, control & compliance features.

Skype for Business and Consumption Billing

An advantage that Skype for Business offers is the ability to make use of a consumption billing feature that essentially allows companies to pay as they go, rather than being tied to a set budget and paying for services that may not be used. The service is administered through either an on-premise installation or via Microsoft's Office 365, making it an easy integration into most businesses current systems.  Funds can be added automatically at set usage levels, ensuring that every minute paid for is a minute used.

Taking Skype for Business to the Next Level

All of this is great, but it's not enough, not for your HR, Legal and Finance people anyway. The Office 365 app offers very basic statistics about just how your money is being spent, but not by whom, via what device or who was involved in the call. For those who need to monitor cost effectiveness, cost visibility, corporate compliance and general productivity, a deeper reporting solution is required.

MTS's TEM Suite Skype for Business analytics is one such effective tool. It offers comprehensive reporting on every aspect of your company's Skype for Business usage, with those reports being delivered via a clear, easy to interpret dashboard that is useful for anyone who needs to make use of the data collected. It can be hosted on the cloud as an alternative to installation on in-house servers.

The combination of Skype for Business, Consumption Billing and MTS's Skype for Business analytics solution is extremely powerful, offering the capability to streamline - and maybe even revolutionize - the way a company handles meetings for good.

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