MTS Wireless Help Desk

Wireless services are the fastest growing part of a company’s telecom expense. Mobile smartphones, iPhones, Android phones, wireless tablets and laptops are now commonplace. Your employees rely on wireless devices more than ever before and as a result their support needs, and COSTS are increasing dramatically.

MTS Wireless Help Desk Services — A dedicated, highly trained wireless Help Desk staffed with mobility experts armed with the latest enterprise mobility tool set.

  • Significant Help Desk  Cost Reduction
  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Cost Alignment and Visibility
  • Access to Wireless Subject Matter Expertise
  • Integrated with Wireless Provisioning Portal
  • VIP and White Glove Service Levels

MTS’s TEM Suite platform offers a fully integrated software suite and set of outsourced services that provide enterprises the ability to comprehensively manage their current and planned communications environments.

Download our Datasheet or call us toll-free at 1-800-745-8725 for more information.

Take Control of Your Communication Costs with MTS TEM Suite