The Importance of Mobile Device Management and Security in Healthcare

Mobile device security is a critical element in this ever-evolving technological age, particularly when your business deals in any way with healthcare data.

With wireless devices such as smartphones and
iPads or Android tablets proliferating the marketplace and becoming an integral part of many facets of modern business life, it is imperative that you protect your confidential business information and any healthcare data with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and security. 

When considering using wireless technology for business communications involving sensitive information such as confidential healthcare information, you will need to consider the importance of the HITECH Act, which is an acronym for The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, also called "The Act."  

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Invoice Billing Error Claims - Navigating the Minefield Part 3

So you found an error on your telephone bill and are getting ready to contact the carrier for resolution:  Now what?

Common sense tells you that once notified, the telephone company should correct the error immediately and refund all overpayments.

Unfortunately, this is an area where common sense rarely prevails.

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How to Select the Right Telecom Expense Management Vendor - Part 1

In today’s economic climate, Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is one of the most important cost-saving functions within an organization. The expense of telecommunications (voice, data, wireless) is now a focal point within organizations looking to reduce costs and improve staff productivity. Companies of all sizes rely on telecom systems for mission critical functions ranging from sales to service to customer relationship management. Nearly every crucial contact with customers, vendors and partners is dependent on a high functioning telecom system delivering to its maximum potential.

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TEM Best Practices Article “Taming Telecom Costs” Published by ILTA

The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) recently published an article on Telecom Expense Management Best Practices, “Taming Telecom Costs”, co-written by John Franconere from SPS and John Venditti from MTS. The article was published in the March 2011 issue of ILTA’s quarterly magazine, Peer to Peer.

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What are the Enterprise Mobility Needs of the Finance Team - Part II

A lot of talk and industry reports about wireless TEM focuses on the IT side of the house. We brought in one of our mobility experts and asked them to enlighten us on the finance departments WEM (wireless expense management) needs. What follows is Part II of an interview with Phil Caruso, Senior Consultant from MTS, as we discuss the wireless TEM requirements of the finance people; the data that they need to see, and the systems and processes they need to be successful. 

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What are the Enterprise Mobility Needs of the Finance Team - Part I

A lot of talk and industry reports about wireless TEM focuses on the IT side of the house. We thought it would be interesting to discuss enterprise wireless telecom expense management from the finance side of the house, so we brought in one of our mobility experts and asked them to enlighten us on the finance departments WEM (wireless expense management) needs.

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Why Wireless TEM ( WEM ) is More Complex than Wireline TEM


There are a variety of growing issues facing companies who try to track and control wireless spend. While it's obvious that controlling the cost per minute will save your organization money, there are other factors specific to wireless device and service management that the ideal optimization solution will address. 

The organizational base of mobile users is growing and thus produces larger overall costs. However, to further complicate the issue, more features and functionality get bundled into wireless service leaving end-user organizations in a difficult situation in which the cost per wireless user is also expanding. These reasons are causing market leaders to explore Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions as well as wireless optimization exercises.


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Wireless Policy GRC Drives TEM Savings Programs

Wireless telecom has become the fastest growing part of overall IT expenditures. Even in an environment where overall IT spending is decreasing, wireless expenses continue to increase at double digit rates.

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Accountability through TEM and WEM Allocation and Chargeback

telecommunications lifecycle managementAccording to many TEM and WEM experts, organizations implementing complete IT/telecom chargeback systems to their users experience 30 percent lower cost than do organizations where the cost of service is perceived as free. Today, most organizations find themselves somewhere along this spectrum — they do not provide all of their users complete utilization-based chargeback, nor do their users perceive the services they receive as totally free.

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Better Decision-Making through TEM Intelligence

Whether it is in areas of accounting, HR, or sales, database-driven business processes provide significant benefits to businesses today. Establishing a Telecom Intellegence (TI) database as the single repository of information for all IT/telecom resources and costs improves an organization’s ability to make decisions regarding their voice, data, and wireless environments by providing complete and accurate historical trends and analysis.

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