Why Call Accounting software and CDR capture is important

Posted by John Venditti on Aug 18, 2011 3:58:00 PM

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Professional Industries benefit from Call Accounting Software

Call tracking and CDR capture features aid in client bill-back, legal documentation, and business compliance governance. In a professional setting, such as with a successful law or architectural firm, the business relies heavily on its ability to document the time and effort involved in serving its clients. So, when the monthly phone bills comes around, it’s no easy task sorting all of the calls made in a give time frame by numerous staffers on behalf of numerous clients.

Consider the hospitality industry as well: Often, with so many guests, it is necessary to have some sort of call tracking system in place to properly log which guests made which calls so that guest billing will be accurate thus ensuring customer satisfaction. For both industries, a call accounting software is the key. Many call accounting systems provide special industry-specific modules for better telecom expense management.

Using a specialty billing system, such as TEM Suite, that can accommodate account and authorization codes specifically for professional companies such as Legal, Hospitality, Banking, and Universities, especially if it can integrate or interface with in-house computer billing or accounting systems can decrease the costly need for main both a call accounting system and an in-house billing system.

Special abbreviated account codes make end-user diligence much easier, and for those who still forget or refuse to enter the client account number, reports without account codes available in real time can expedite the monthly billing process. By using a call accounting system, professional firms can reliably track calls made in the servicing of clients, and accurately bill back the needed charges to maintain a successful practice.


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