Telecom Cost Management Critical for Today’s Mobile Enterprise

Posted by MTS Blog Team on Apr 8, 2010 4:25:00 PM

In telecom expense management, wireless, TEM, WEM

Recent research from shows that enterprise purchase intent for mobile devices is on a steep incline. With the increased dependence on mobile communications technology new problems arise including call tracking requirements.

Today’s telecom expense management solutions can track all wired and wireless calls to their source, providing real-time call detail records so companies can proactively track their telecom related expenses. The ability to track calls to and from every mobile phone makes deployment of a telecom expense management system crucial to enterprise cost containment.

Typically carrier bills contain a number of errors, and manually monitoring pages of telecom billing data cannot efficiently identify opportunities for cost savings. TEM software automates processes so auditors are freed to use their time on other critical tasks. Telecom expense management software facilitates reporting, allowing business users to produce reports using real-time data.

Reports can be run from anywhere via a Web browser, including mobile phones and tablets. Companies can set up alerts to track suspicious call activity, allowing administrators to act quickly when conditions warrant. Deploying a telecom expense management system can pay for itself by providing sophisticated security protection in addition to cost management benefits.

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