TEM Software can Address a Variety of Network Issues

Posted by MTS Blog Team on Mar 30, 2010 4:04:00 PM

In telecom expense management

Enterprises face a number of telecom expense management and telephone network security issues, all demanding administrators’ attention. Today’s telecom expense management systems can address a variety of enterprise telephone network issues, including telecom billing, PBX billing, VoIP call accounting, and toll fraud security.

By deploying a TEM solution, companies can proactively deal with all of their network issues and save money over their current telecom expenditures. With the current focus on security and stringent compliance regulations, enterprises are turning to TEM solutions as the comprehensive answer to their needs.

Telecom billing error identification, the ability to set up toll fraud alerts, and real-time call tracking and reporting are key features that can help enterprises save money and time. With automation of many processes, companies can free up administrators’ time for use in other critical areas.

As enterprises search for new ways to enhance the bottom line, telecom expense management solutions offers real ROI benefits that can exceed the cost of deploying the system.

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